Cops hit the roof, robbers escape

Sep 08, 2013, 02:35 IST | A Correspondent

Two officers of the Powai police station had almost managed to catch three wanted men in a dramatic rooftop chase when the roof itself caved in, injuring them

In a scene straight from a Bollywood potboiler where cops are shown to fumble even the simplest of operations, two police officers from Powai police station were seriously injured during a rooftop chase when one of the roofs caved in, crashing down with the hapless cops.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon in Powai after the cops got a tip off that robbers wanted in a recent spate of cases had taken shelter inside a temple in their jurisdiction.

According to a police official from the Powai police station, Sub inspectors Sachin Gavte and Shushil Bhosle reached the Gaon Devi Mandir situated at Tunga Gaon in Saki Vihar Road, Powai. Soon a roof-to-roof chase ensued. At one point Gavte managed to catch the leg of one of the accused but the robber struck back, kicking him hard.

The roof too gave way, taking the cops down. Both the officers were rushed to the Hiranandani Hospital. Gavte suffered serious injuries while Bhosle was discharged. A massive manhunt was on for the three accused at the time of going to press. 

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