Costlier petrol makes Metro better bet

Sep 16, 2011, 07:04 IST | Shashank Shekhar

Many Delhiites are thinking twice about purchasing a vehicle even with the festive season ahead

Many Delhiites are thinking twice about purchasing a vehicle even with the festive season ahead

More office-goers are either thinking of taking the Metro or getting a CNG kit for their car. This after petrol became dearer by Rs.3.14 a litre from Thursday midnight. The price now is Rs 66.84 per litre. The latest hike - the 10th since June 2010 - comes over and above a steep upward revision of Rs.5 a litre in May. The fuel in Mumbai will cost Rs 3.29 a litre more at Rs 71.28 per litre, while in Chennai the price have been increased by Rs 3.32 to Rs 70.82 per litre.

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As soon as the news got out strong reactions started coming in from vehicle owners. "I used to take high performance petrol for my new car but with the hike the price comes close to Rs 70 a litre. I am finding it impossible to manage my daily budget. I travel from Vaishali to Connaught Place every day, which is a distance of 30 kilometres for a round trip. So I will end up spending Rs 7,000 every month. I have decided to take the Metro which will cost me Rs 30 for daily and Rs 900 a month. I might only use the car on weekends or on a bad weather day," said Gaurav Singhal, who works with a financial firm.

Slippery slope
Even prospective buyers who were waiting to buy a car this festive season are doing a rethink, at least on purchasing a diesel or CNG variant to cut short their monthly expense on fuel. "I was thinking of getting a hatchback petrol variant, but in this scenario, it doesn't seem a sensible option.

Now I'll look for attractive deals in diesel and CNG model cars as I want to buy a new vehicle this Diwali," said Prateek Chaturvedi, a Malviya Nagar resident On Thursday evening car owners started queuing up at petrol pumps to get their fuel tanks full. "We have got extra staff to manage the crowd. Petrol is like liquid gold," said Ikjot Singh Bhasin, owner of a petrol pump near Ashram.

Rs 66.84
New price of one litre of petrol in the Capital

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