Couple donates son's organs after six kids die in fire

May 17, 2012, 02:42 IST | IANS

A British couple who lost their six children in a house fire have decided to donate their teenage son's organs so that it could save others' lives at least.

Mick Philpott and wife Mairead said they needed "some good" to come from the tragedy, as they told doctors to turn off 13-year-old Duwayne's life support machine on Sunday and agreed to the organ donation, The Sun reported.

"It was a brave and generous decision Mick and Mairead made together in the hope Duwayne's tragic death could bring life to another child," said Father Alan Burbidge who spent Sunday night with the couple at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Mick, 54, and his wife had remained by the bedside of son Duwayne, 13, for three days since Friday's horrific fire.

The alleged arson attack at the family home in Derby, also claimed the lives of Jade, 10, John, 9, Jack, 7, Jessie, 6, and Jayden, 5. Their half-brother Michael Philpott spoke of his heartache at losing his "wild and very active" siblings.

"We were pretty close. Jayden and John were constantly running about, Jessie was always blabbering on and Jack was always on his computer. I used to take Duwayne fishing at the weekend. I'm struggling and it's been hard to take in.," said the 14-year-old Philpott.

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