Couple makes love in office offering neighbours full view

May 31, 2012, 09:20 IST | Agencies

A couple in Britain left neighbours stunned after "forgetting" to shut their office window blinds as they made love, little realising that they were doing it in full view of other occupants of the building.

The yet to be identified pair had not pulled the window blinds in their Nottingham city centre office and were in a full view of others in the side building, the Daily Mail reported. An onlooker who filmed the entire encounter for 20 minutes, said the other residents in his building were also watching the scene unfold.

Representational pic

"She was really good looking. She walked into the office and started stripping off, then she started ripping his clothes off and performed a sex act on him. "They then started having full-blown sex over his chair and then his desk," he said. The couple "didn't care that everyone in my building was staring at them", he said. 

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