Crane cracks roof open at Currey Road

Sep 07, 2011, 07:10 IST | Maleeva Rebello and Faisal Tandel

Part of the crane fell on a 3-storey building, injuring six residents; cause uncertain

Part of the crane fell on a 3-storey building, injuring six residents; cause uncertain

In a freak accident near Currey Road station, a crane at a construction site fell on part of a three-storey building, ripping through the roof and partially damaging the roof of the second floor.

Six residents from three households were injured,  one of whom is critical. The cause of the break down is yet to be ascertained, officials said.

MiD DAY reader Viraf Chichgar clicked a picture of the damage sustained by homes in New Haji Chawl, when the crane accidentally crashed into its third floor, causing extensive damage

The crane was in operation at Avighna Park when it collapsed on 55 New Haji chawl around 4.30 pm, completely tearing apart the third floor apartments it fell on.

Smita Rane, a second-floor resident of the building recounted the horror. "I was washing clothes in my bathroom, when I heard a loud thud.
I rushed out to find that the roof of my house had caved in, and there was dust and fragments all around," she said.

Giving an insight into what happened, Sudhir Satam, a resident of the neighbouring building, said, "I saw the base of the crane tilt and fall on the building next to ours, breaking the roof tiles and crashing into the apartments on the third floor."

Local Shiv Sena MLA Bala Nandgaonkar was present at the site.

Vijay Lad, whose 19-year-old son was injured in the incident, said, "My son was rushed to KEM immediately. Our house is totally destroyed, as a big part of the crane crashed on it.

Krishnakant Govind Pujare and his wife Anuradha both sustained injuries, and had to be hospitalised for treatment

I don't know how to react." He added, "Bala Nandgaonkar has arranged for the the builder to give us houses in the adjacent building for the time being."

Meanwhile, a large white crane was called in to tow the broken crane away. 
Said a site engineer, Ramesh Gandhi, "When the interrogations are over, we will remove the crane."

A police official at the site said, "The fire brigade and police officials are investigating what really happened. The houses are badly damaged, and the injured have been admitted to KEM hospital."

Added a fire officer, "Firefighters will be assisting the construction workers and engineers in extracting the crane that fell."

Laukik Vijay Lad Male (19), who suffered a minor injury on the left side of his abdomen, was admitted at KEM hospital.
"I was sleeping when a small part of the roof fell on my abdomen. Fortunately, the fall was broken by the iron beams in the roof, and I was saved," he said.

Dr Vijay Shetty, in-charge, surgical and orthopaedic department, KEM, said, "One patient has suffered a severe head injury.

He is in a critical condition and has been taken under observation. The other five are stable and have been discharged after treatment."

The injured
Krishnakant Govind Pujare (62) suffered severe head injury 
Anuradha Krishnakant Pujare (57) suffered minor injury on her chest
Bharti Krishnakant Pujare (28) suffered minor injury on her left hand 
Sadanand Govind Pujare (57) suffered injury on his back
Laukik Vijay Lad (19) suffered minor injury on his left abdomen
Vilas Vishwanath Lad (34) suffered minor injury on his left leg

The Other Side
Builder Kailash Agarwal, present at the site, refused to speak to the media.

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