Crazy about cartoons

May 30, 2013, 05:19 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Actor Daniel Craig recently expressed a wish to play the villain in the latest James Bond film. CS looks at other actors who tried their hands at negative roles in the past:

While it is a known fact that Meiyang Chang is a multi-talented guy, few know that he’s as passionate about cartoons as he’s about music and films. He shares his passion with CS:

Old is gold
Reading comic books and graphic novels is one of my favourite hobbies. Ever since I can remember, I have gorged on home-grown comics like Raj, Diamond, Indrajaal, etc. Characters like Nagraj, Dhruv, Doga and Chacha Chaudhary enamoured me. I imbibed a chunk of my illustrating skills and Hindi vocabulary from these comic books. In fact, I would source them from wherever I could; book stores, AHW Wheelers at railway stations and even local raddi walas.

English fever
My love for Hindi comics partly diminished after I discovered my father’s collection of English comic books. I have been their ardent devotee ever since then. I lose all track of time when I am with my comics. Amongst my siblings, I was the only one who had special access to dad’s prized stock. This is because I shared his love for comics and could illustrate as well. My favourite storylines to this day are Batman, Justice League of America and The X-Men. In fact, I was so taken in by the world of comic books that I wanted to be an illustrator myself!

Collector’s pride
I don’t have a hard-copy collection of comics. Most of them are e-comics and I have an insanely gigantic stack. Talk about never growing up. 

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