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Feb 17, 2012, 06:53 IST | Aviva Dharmaraj

Kolkata-based artist Trina Lahiri will be in the city to showcase her works that are inspired by innocence

Kolkata-based artist Trina Lahiri will be in the city to showcase her works that are inspired by innocence

Innocence is the central theme in the works of Kolkata-based artist Trina Lahiri. So, it's not unusual to find that children feature prominently in her works, which have been showcased at exhibitions in countries including Mexico, Switzerland and Poland.

"Innocence is like a balm," explains the artist over the phone from her home in Kolkata. "I like to imagine the 'fun' side in everyday situations, which I try to reflect in my pictures," she adds, referring to her paper-filigree works, which bears faint resemblance to the Japanese art of paper-cutting known as kirigami.

The 39-year-old artist says that her works feature a variety of influences, but are inspired by Indian art. "I use linocuts and papercuts," she says, referencing the printmaking techniques to explain her style of work.

All in the family
It helped that Trina was born to artist-parents (dad is cartoonist Chandi Lahiri and mom Tapati Lahiri is a batik artist). "Everybody being an artist is able to understand the artistic temperament," says the artist, who would learn the art from her uncle, paperwork artist Debarata Lahiri.

Around 2005, Trina, who made her living teaching film and advertising to students of media, decided to devote more time to what, until then, was something she had time for "only once a week."

In early 2009, Trina was diagnosed as having a rare type of cancer in its advanced stages. The diagnosis, Trina says, only made her realise that she wanted to spend more time back home in Kolkata with her parents, and creating more artworks.

"A friend once told me that in life we have two choices, when faced with a difficult situation: To meander around it, as arvier does, or to jump over it and become a waterfall. I decided I had to be the waterfall."

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