Dabbawalas turn govindas

Aug 23, 2013, 01:31 IST | Chetna Yerunkar

Around 250 dabbawalas have formed a Govinda pathak; harbour dreams of forming the tallest human pyramid in the future

Bored of being mere spectators, for the first time the dabbawalas will be seen breaking handis this Janmashtami. Apart from forming a five-layer human pyramid, the participants dream of entering Guinness book of world records for forming the tallest human pyramid. But the 250-odd rookies feel that they need a coach who can train them because as of now they are practising without guidance.

Gearing up: Members of the dabbawala Govinda pathak rehearsing at the August Kranti Maidan

While the actual strength of the Govindas is 100, the remaining would be there to cheer their brethren. And just like they have been doing over the years, this year the dabbawalas would be spreading awareness against the evils of female foeticide as they feel killing a girl child is the worst thing one can do.

The pathak is practicing at the August Kranti Maidan since August 16, despite their hectic working schedule. Apart from receiving encouragement, the dabbawalas found sponsors in Dr Pawan Agarwal, who did his PhD on them, and Shiv Sena vibhag pramukh Pandurang Sakpal.

Speaking about their latest venture, secretary of Mumbai Dabbawala Govinda Pathak Subhash Talekar said this was something that the dabbawalas had been mulling over for a long time.

“The decision to form the Govinda pathak was implemented once we realised that there were enough people. More could have joined, but it is difficult for those working in the western suburbs to come all the way to south Mumbai to attend practise sessions.

Also, we dream of entering our name in the Guinness book of world record by forming the tallest pyramid but this can happen only if we find the right coach. We have adequate manpower and all we need is proper guidance. Hopefully we’ll be able to add another layer to the human pyramid by next year,” he said. 

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