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Apr 04, 2014, 11:29 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Head to the Contemporary Dance Festival where you can train under international dancers and watch films from around the world

Avayava 2014 Contemporary Dance Festival is being organised for the third consecutive year in the city, in association with the International Dance Retreat. Swapnil Dagliya, Creative Director, SPACE Studio, the man behind the festival, says, "I started it as I wanted people to understand various Contemporary dance forms. This year, we have got more than 120 applications and had to shortlist from that."

A performance by Yoriko Maeno
A performance by Yoriko Maeno 

The event features dance workshops by eminent choreographers from around the world, international film screenings and performances. More than 120 international artistes sent their applications. After careful assessment, only eight were selected. Dagliya adds, "There is an increasing demand for Contemporary dance performances and there is better understanding in the city. People have started appreciating and enjoying these performances."

The people who will hosting international dance workshops include Christophe Degelin (Belgium) on Modern Jazz, Atalya Baumer (Israel) on Contemporary Barre and Martha Graham Technique, Tomas Danielis (Austria) on improvisation strategies and Hi-tech tools, Yoriko Maeno (Japan/Germany) on Contemporary Dance (Butoh based), Avantika Bahl Goyal (Mumbai) on Contemporary dance (Cunningham Technique), Sangeeta Sharma (Delhi) on acrobatic partnering and Swapnil Dagliya (Pune) on lyrical contemporary dance.

A performance by Sangeeta Sharma; she will be hosting workshops at the event
A performance by Sangeeta Sharma; she will be hosting workshops at the event 

There will be eight international movies screened. It includes Howl Like An Angel produced by BBC and Norfolk, Me: Story of a Performance produced by Guild Helsinki and Johanna Nuutinen. The other notable films to be screened at the festival are Pas by Charli Brissey, Rooms and American Overture.

From April 10 to 12, 10 am to
9 pm AT Dr Kalmadi Shamrao High School, near CDSS, Erandwane; Amanora
Town Centre, opposite Magarpatta City.

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