A new graphic novel goes the science way

Updated: 17 December, 2016 11:19 IST | Joanna Lobo |

A new graphic novel uses science to find the truth behind fracking, evolution, the moon landing, climate change and other theories

Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT)

What came first, Adam and Eve or the Big Bang? Your answer may vary depending on your faith and the role you give to science and scientific theory in your lives.


Aliens, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, witches...there’s a lot of fantasy that is believed to be real. Darryl Cunningham's latest book, Science Tales: Lies, Hoaxes and Scams, aims to debunk some of these fantastic and bizarre subjects, and lays bare the difference between fantasy and real.

Moon landing

Cunningham takes great, colourful inky swipes at different controversies over the ages, from homoeopathy, climate change to electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), evolution and science denialism.

Climate change

He goes into details of the history of homoeopathy, chiropractic manipulation and the anti-vaccine movement, gives elaborate answers to the various conspiracy theories surrounding the landing on the moon and questions on evolutionary theory, and explains fracking in the simplest terms possible. There are anecdotes added in to give some human element to stories, particularly those pertaining to illnesses.

Science denialism

What you take away from the book is fun facts, details and information on how science isn’t a matter of faith or just another point of view, but something that has stood the test of time.

Why you should pick this up

  • The book presents ideas and arguments that you have probably already read, but it is done in an interesting way
  • Cunningham uses simple language in his work and infuses dry humour
  • His tone is polite; he doesn’t belittle people for their beliefs but lays out facts as they are

First Published: 17 December, 2016 08:16 IST

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