Day 59 in 'Bigg Boss 6':Sana and Vishal kiss and win the balloon dance task

Published: 06 December, 2012 08:50 IST | The Hitlist Team |

The day begins with the song Duniya mein logo ne, which was apt for Vishal and Sana's situation given the two's patch up last evening

As the day begins, Rajev tells Sana that he understands very single move of Vishal and that Vishal is doing nothing but playing a game. Post his conversation with Sana, he goes and talks to Karishma about Sana and Vishal’s patch up. On the other hand, Delnaaz is seen telling Sana that at this point, she does not need to listen to anyone and instead take her own stand. Aashka and Sapna are then seen joining the conversation. Sapna then goes to Karishma and tells her that Vishal is nothing but a loser.

Sapna and Sana

Sana breaks down after listening to Sapna and blames it all on Karishma because of whom she ends up having a problem with every second person in the house. Aashka consoles Sana saying that Sapna is doing all this for a reason and is just playing a game. When Rajev comes to console Sana, Sana shoos him away because he was the one who told Sapna about her and Vishal’s midnight conversation. Rajev goes to his room and breaks down because of Sana’s rude behaviour.

After all the fight, Santosh and Nirahua are seen cleaning the bathroom when Santosh tells Nirahua that he is turning negative. Nirahua keeps shut and smiles at his comment. As the day passes, Vrijesh is seen upset about the fact that Urvashi and Mink greeted him with utmost warmth when he was back but now the two have just stopped talking to him.

Vrijesh then goes to clarify the same with Urvashi but she refuses to talk. In a while, Mink comes and tells Vrijesh that after all the fight that happened between the two teams yesterday, she felt bad that Vrijesh did not say anything to Santosh who abused Mink. Vrijesh clarified why he was shut and the two get back to being friends again.

In the evening Bigg Boss brings a little twist in the tale and asks housemates to nominate two contestants each who they do not think are worthy enough to stay in the house. The three nominated contestants get a surprise from Bigg Boss that shocks the entire house. As the day ends, Bigg Boss announces a balloon dance task for all the contestants and breaks all of them in teams of two. The entire house sways to the music and Vishal and Sana were announced as the winners of the task by judges – Vrijesh, Delnaaz and Karishma.

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