Dead and buried woman turns up alive 2 weeks on!

Aug 26, 2013, 05:11 IST | ANI

A woman in the US who was believed to be dead and buried turned up alive after almost two weeks

Carrie Minney could have sworn that the woman in the casket was her 50-year-old daughter Sharolyn Jackson.

The truth is far stranger: The woman they buried that day was not, in fact, their loved one but a lookalike. Jackson showed up at a Philadelphia hospital on Aug. 16, several weeks after she had been reported missing and 13 days after her family thought they had laid her to rest at Colonial Memorial Park in Hamilton, N.J.

According to Philadelphia’s KYW-TV, Jackson was reported missing around the time that paramedics took a woman who’d been found lying in a Philadelphia street to a hospital, where she died on July 20, the New York Post reported.

After Jackson showed up at Pennsylvania Hospital last week, police confirmed her identity through fingerprints. Her son went to the hospital and immediately recognized her.

Philadelphia officials plan to exhume the buried body in hopes of correctly identifying it. 

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