Dead cattle dumping back in Aarey, will leopards follow?

Jul 03, 2013, 01:31 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Warnings by authorities to 30 stable owners to stop dumping carcasses in Aarey Colony seems to have fallen on deaf ears

Despite strict warning against illegally dumping of cattle carcasses at Aarey Milk Colony, the act has come to the fore again, this time in more than one location. 

Aarey Milk Colony
Raising a stink: The freshly dumped carcasses at Aarey Milk Colony on Thursday.

Soon after MiD DAY reported on February 20 about dumped carcasses in Aarey Colony that were attracting leopards (Dead cattle lure leopards to Aarey), the Aarey Dairy Department had sent a notice to 30 tabela (stable) owners, stating a warning that those found illegally dumping cattle carcasses in the area would lose their licenses and strict action will be taken as per the law.

Click to view: Dead cattle lure leopards to Aarey
MiD DAY’s report on February 20 highlighting that leopards were frequenting Aarey colony because of the illegally dumped carcasses.

However, when MiD DAY visited the Aarey Milk Colony on Thursday, the dumped carcasses were found at Unit 15 and Unit 28. MiD DAY also found one more location near Unit 15 where carcasses were being dumped.

Surprisingly, the officials are yet to take any action against the offenders. A local resident from the area said, “The dumping of carcasses had stopped after it was reported in MiD DAY. However, it has started again. There is a foul smell that spreads in the area and it can be harmful for humans. More importantly, it will again attract leopards which can increase chances of man-animal conflicts.”

The other side
“We have already informed the stable owners that they will lose their licenses if we find them dumping cattle carcasses in Aarey Milk Colony. If the dumping has started once again, then we will take action against those doing it,” said Aarey Milk Colony CEO Ashok Jadhav. 

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