Debris of Mahim building Aftab Manzil lies forgotten after demolition

Aug 04, 2013, 01:54 IST | Nigel Buthello

The BMC, which demolished the Aftab Manzil in Mahim after a part of the building collapsed in June, seems to have forgotten about the structure's debris that was dumped at the nearby Reti Bunder. Angry local residents want the rubbish removed immediately

Nearly two months after the Aftab Manzil in Mahim collapsed killing more than a dozen people, the debris of the building is yet to be removed from Reti Bunder, where it was dumped by the BMC officials.

The debris was dumped there temporarily in the hope that those who survived could salvage their valuables. Pic/ Nigel Buthello

A few days after the building came down in a heap, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction, the debris was removed to Reti Bunder a few hundred metres from where the building once stood. The debris was dumped there temporarily in the hope that those who survived could salvage what remained of their homes.

Ram Raj, a resident near the dump site, says he is fed up with the rubbish heap. “It has been more than a month but the debris has not been moved. A few days ago when a crane arrived at the spot I assumed it was to remove the debris, but it was brought to help clear the garbage on the beach to place quadra-pods,” said Raj.

He also claimed that no one has come by in the past few weeks to search for anything in the dump. However, police officers still patrol the dump at night to make sure thieves do not end up stealing the iron rods that lie among the debris.

According to the procedure laid down by the Mahim Police Station, anyone who wants to search for their possessions will have to inform the police station and only after due checking will they be allowed to search the debris. However, officers at the police station said, “In the past month there has been no such request by any resident. But as long as the debris is at Reti Bunder, we will have to make sure there are police to guard it.” 

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