Delhi HC blast suspect nabbed in Kashmir

Jun 22, 2012, 07:20 IST | Shiva Devnath

After 8 months on the run, Parvez Tak, who alleged drove a vehicle used to ferry explosives used in the Delhi High Court blast, was picked up in Jammu and Kashmir

Parvez Tak, the missing link in the Laila Khan case, who was allegedly involved in the Delhi blast and also conducted recce in Mumbai, was finally arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police on Thursday. The police had been on Parvez’s trail for a long time, but he had succeeded in throwing them off.

In the net: The IB received information that Parvez Tak had been spotted in the Narwal area of Jammu and Kashmir, following which he was nabbed

The Intelligence Bureau (IB), as well as the Crime Branch, was keeping a close watch on Parvez, just few months after the blast. In the meanwhile, he tried to slip away from their surveillance and successfully sneaked into Nepal around four months ago.

There, the IB deliberately let him roam, as they wanted to establish a link between him and his contacts, and verify his possible involvement in a terrorist organisation. However Parvez managed to throw them off his trail, leading to pressure on the IB and the police. The IB then received information that Parvez had been spotted in the Narwal area of Jammu and Kashmir, following which he was nabbed.

Missing links
According to sources, Parvez was arrested in Jammu and is being shifted to Kishtwar. Laila Khan, an actress, has been missing for some time along with members from her family including her mother, Saleena Patel. Police last month seized a car in Kishtwar town and after investigations; it was found that the vehicle belonged to Laila.

Meanwhile, teams from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) and Maharashtra police will interrogate him, as he is allegedly involved in the blast at the Delhi High Court and was in close correspondence with Laila Khan while she was in Mumbai.

Parvez was closely associated with Laila’s family and had allegedly driven her car from Mumbai to Kishtwar. Parvez reportedly had married one of the family members of Saleena Patel. 

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