Delhi worst city for parking car, finds survey

Sep 29, 2011, 18:45 IST | AFP

New Delhi is the world's worst city for parking a car, a new survey has suggested.

New Delhi is the world's worst city for parking a car, a new survey has suggested.

The IBM Global Parking Index, released September 28, ranked 20 cities on six continents by the 'pain' level of the parking experience, concluding that New Delhi, followed by fellow Indian city Bangalore, topped the list.

Chinese metropolis Beijing was in third place, while Shenzhen was in fifth, with Russian capital Moscow holding fourth place in between.

IBM surveyed over 8,000 commuters for the study, which revealed that wherever you are in the world, frustration with parking a vehicle manifests itself in the same ways -- over half of all respondents said that at some point, they had simply given up looking for a spot in their city.

Globally, we spend nearly 20 minutes trying to find the coveted spot, said the firm, although that figure varies widely, with some citizens in Chicago, Montreal and Stockholm reporting that finding a space was a five-minute job or less.

With such demand, it's unsurprising that parking raises considerable passion -- one in four of the respondents to the survey said that they have been involved in an argument with a fellow motorist over the past year.

Drivers in New Delhi (58 percent), Bangalore (44 percent), Nairobi (43 percent) and Milan (37 percent) were the most vocal with each other over a specific parking spot, said IBM.

Parking in global cities (with 'Pain Index' score)

1. New Delhi: 140
2. Bangalore: 138
3. Beijing: 124
4. Moscow: 122
5. Shenzhen: 122
6. Paris: 122
7. Milan: 117
8. Nairobi: 111
9. Madrid: 104
10. Singapore 97
11. Mexico City: 97
12. Stockholm: 90
13. Johannesburg: 87
14. London: 86
15. New York City: 85
16. Montreal: 85
17. Buenos Aires: 80
18. Toronto: 77
19. Los Angeles: 61
20. Chicago: 51

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