Dengue grips Ranveer, no signs of improvement

Oct 02, 2013, 08:51 IST | Jigar Shah

As his mother sits by him on a constant vigil, Ranveer Singh shows no signs of recovery from dengue

Little did Ranveer Singh know when he was first taken ill that a slight fever was indicative of a major illness to come. The actor has remained in the hospital ever since he was admitted on September 27 with dengue in an advanced stage that he contracted in Durgapur. Doctors attending to the actor say his condition is not stable yet and Ranveer’s mother has not left his side since the first day.

Ranveer Singh

According to sources in the hospital, the platelet count in Ranveer’s blood has plummeted to 6,000 and there has been no improvement in his condition since he was brought in. “His condition has not worsened but it hasn’t become better either,” says the source.

A insider says, “Ranveer has been on IV throughout. He has been kept in isolation as his immunity levels have sunk. His mother has stayed by him in his sterile room ever since.”

Doctors say the next two days are extremely critical for his wellbeing.

Friends of the actor say Ranveer’s spirits however have not diminished. Apparently he even tried his hand at a videogame while resting in bed. All this while he has not been able to move his limbs as dengue affects the bones the most. 

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