"Designing a car is much more than just styling it"

Aug 19, 2013, 03:39 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Shrikant Chandane, founder of Shrikant M Chandane (SMC) and CAD CAM People's Institute of Design (CCPID) recently designed vehicles in which farmers can sell vegetables directly to customers

As per a new rule of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), farmers can sell their vegetables directly to customers without having any intermediary. For this, farmers will need a special vehicle which are being designed by Chandane.

Shrikant Chandane with the vegetable vehicle he has designed

> 1. How was the experience of designing a vehicles for farmers?
I started the company in 2001 with a few projects which were purely software-based. Later, SMC worked for the robotic industry through Precision Automation and Robotics Ltd on simulation projects. We have designed a lot of vehicles till date but most of them are for the luxury section. But to work with farmers was a different experience altogether as their demands were unique. They needed bifurcation to keep their vegetables and to store the leafy vegetables separately. There was a ladder provided in the vehicle so that farmers can easily load heavy bags of vegetables in the vehicle. It is somewhat like modifying a
commercial vehicle.

2. Tell us about your other projects.
SMC had undertaken projects of German company, Thermoelectron Corporation, which will be coming up soon. We feel that such clients are more professional and understand designing. For the last two to three years, awareness about design has increased a lot. We offer competitive rates; compared to other companies, we offer affordable rates to people so that they can design their car the way they want.

3. How is the career in car designing?
The future looks bright considering that the competition in the automobile sector is on the rise. Also, the government is providing funds and subsidies for students to start their own venture. Talented youngsters can make a lot of money in this field. Aspirants just need to take it seriously. Students need to explore and understand the subject. A fresher with a diploma in this subject can expect a salary in the range of `2 lakhs per annum. It also depends upon the salary structure depending upon the employer company. People feel that a career in car designing is easy but once, they join the course, they realise the problems involved. Getting a job is not easy and one has to have an expertise in this field to succeed. Car styling and designing are different aspects and one has to understand that car designing includes styling as well as changing parts as per the occasion. A good option in this profession can be to make clay models of cars before the final designing is done in order to maintain infallibility. Eventually, I want to increase awareness among people about this field.

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