Devotees in Mumbai feel the pinch of bringing Ganpati home

Aug 28, 2014, 07:16 IST | Pooja Kalwar

The spiralling cost of raw materials like Plaster of Paris, colours, artificial jewellery and flowers, has increased the price of bringing a Ganesh idol home by 25-30 per cent

Aside from essential commodities, rising prices are also expected to hit the common man planning to bring Ganesh home this year. The cost of raw materials and added decorations has spiralled compared to last year, forcing sculptors and retailers to hike their prices.

Compared to last year, people can expect to shell out 30 per cent more if they want to buy an idol for Ganesh festival
Compared to last year, people can expect to shell out 30 per cent more if they want to buy an idol for Ganesh festival

While last year a four-foot idol would cost around Rs 2,000, this year idol makers are quoting approximately Rs 5,000. Speaking to mid-day, artists in the city who prepare Ganesh idols claim that the cost of material has gone up by 25 per cent, as compared to 2013.

Decorations like diamond and stonework, cost of plaster of paris (POP) and colours has led to an increase in the final product’s price. What’s more, the cost of decorative items like artificial jewellery, flowers, and thermocol backdrop for temples has also increased by 20 per cent.

An artificial mukut for the idol, which was priced at Rs 120 last year, would cost almost Rs 200 this year. Flower shop owners claim that while limited supply has already pushed up the price of flowers, higher demand during the festival is expected to increase the cost by a further 10 per cent.

Hike in 2013
Last year, sculptors justified the rise in price claiming an increase in rent for their shops and labourers demanding higher wages. Therefore, while in 2012, the same 4-foot Ganesh idol would cost around R1,500, there was a rise of almost 35 per cent in the price in 2013.


Ashok Thakur a sculptor in Parel
The cost of raw materials has increased and now even a small idol costs around Rs 2,000. Last year the price of plaster of paris was Rs 45 for one sack, which is now being sold for Rs 160, and that too of inferior quality.

Vijay Khatu a sculptor in Chinchpokli
An increase in cost of raw materials, transportation and labourers has pushed the price up by around 25-30 per cent. Now an eight-feet idol costs around Rs 30,000, which was approximately Rs 20,000 two years back.

Rahul Pawar a thermocol temple maker in Dadar
The price of thermocol backdrop has increased because the price of thermocol, a synthetic petroleum product, has gone up. We need four sheets to prepare the pillars of the temple and one sheet costs around Rs 40.

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