Dharavi boy's killers arrested

Oct 20, 2013, 05:52 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Almost 10 days after they sexually assaulted and killed a five-year-old boy during Navratri celebrations in Dharavi, cops nab killer duo from a village near the Indo-Nepal border

The Dharavi police achieved a breakthrough in the murder caseof a five-year-old boy by arresting two men from the Indo-Nepal border. The duo had killed the boy during Navratri and were on the run. The police suspect the accused killed the boy after sodomising him because they feared he might inform his parents about the incident. DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni said, “Both the accused, Allauddin, 20, and Guddu, 22, were arrested from Karsol village on the Indo-Nepal border. They were produced at the Bandra court and remanded to police custody till October 23. They have been charged with kidnapping and murder.”>

Allauddin and Guddu were arrested from the Indo-Nepal border by the Dharavi police

According to sources at the Dharavi police station, on October 9, the two men lured the boy Arslan alias Akhtar Siddique on the pretext of watching a Garba performance. Before taking the boy to an isolated place, the two accused had allegedly watched porn movie clips on their mobile. In their initial confession to the cops, the two accused said when the boy started crying in pain after they sexually assaulted him, they feared he would reveal everything to his parents. They therefore killed the boy by smashing a huge stone on his head before fleeing from the spot.

Arslan alias Akhtar Siddique was killed during the Navratri celebrations

During the course of investigations, the family of the child mentioned that the two accused lived as tenants in their house. The family also said a year ago, Allauddin had proposed marriage to one of Akhtar’s older sisters. But the family had refused to entertain his proposal, which had angered him. The family alleged he killed the boy to seek revenge.

Police officials said the accused have confessed to killing the boy. “We are trying to find out exactly why they killed the boy. We will interrogate them further and find out the reason,” DCP Kulkarni said. 

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