'Direct Ishq' falls victim to Censor Board's double standards

Feb 05, 2016, 12:00 IST | Gaurav Dubey

The controversy-ridden Censor Board goes a step ahead while certifying an upcoming film 'Direct Ishq'; changes 55 words and the meaning of several dialogues

An upcoming film titled Direct Ishq has fallen victim to the Censor Board's double standards — the makers have been asked to do away with 'saala' in some dialogues while Rajkumar Hirani's recent release, Saala Khadoos was allowed to use the Hindi slang in the title.

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Nidhi Subaiah and Arjun Bijlani in a still from the film
Nidhi Subbaiah and Arjun Bijlani in a still from the film

And if that weren't enough, the Board has effected as many as 55 cuts in the film and suggested amusing as well as absurd substitutes for the words, thereby changing the meaning of the dialogues.

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For instance, it has asked for 'saali' to be replaced with 'hateli', 'kamina' with 'namuna', 'pichhwada' with 'bonetwa', 'neeche se' with 'yahaan se', and 'maal' with 'haal'.

Saala and its variants — saale and saalo — have either been muted or changed to 'abbe', 'saaro', 'sabhi', 'yaaro', 'chalo', 'dhila', 'laale', 'shaane', etc depending on the context of the scene. Among the most bizarre recommendations, a dialogue that goes like this, 'BHU mein un gunday mawaaliyon ke beech show karenge' has to be changed to 'BHU mein un andey fodne waalon ke beech show karenge'! Then 'Colourful ch*tiyapa hai' has been turned to 'Colourful tuchiyapa hai'.'

A snapshot of the original dialogues and Censor Board's suggestions
A snapshot of the original dialogues and Censor Board's suggestions

"The inconsistency in decision making is apparent. We saw Deepika Padukone abuse away to glory in Tamasha. Violent movies such as Ghajini were passed with a U/A certificate. And Saala Khadoos makers to allowed to used 'saala' in the title," a source close to the project says.

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Pradeep K Sharma, producer of Direct Ishq, rues, "This is so unfair. We see many movies getting away with some glaring words in their title itself while we, the new filmmakers, are asked to make so many changes to get clearance."

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