Dislocated locals ask CIDCO for relief, block Belapur roads

Feb 12, 2013, 07:29 IST | Richa Pinto

Thousands of project-affected people gather at CIDCO Bhavan to propel the Navi Mumbai development body to meet their demands, throwing traffic flow out of gear

Those travelling via CBD Belapur or anywhere close to that area, brace yourself for heavy traffic jams for the coming few days. Thousands of people affected by projects (PAP) of the City and Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (CIDCO) Navi Mumbai’s planning authority staged a mammoth day-long agitation yesterday outside the CIDCO Bhavan, jamming the streets and stressing out commuters.

CIDCO’s project affected people staged a day-long agitation yesterday outside the CIDCO Bhavan, jamming the streets. They further threatened to continue the demonstration till CIDCO fulfils their demands for relief and compensation for the land it has acquired from them for its various infrastructure projects

They said they would continue demonstrating without a break till CIDCO fulfils their demands for relief and compensation for the land the body has acquired from them for its various infrastructure projects. So commuters would do well to get an early start to their destinations the coming week to get through the anticipated snarls. Those travelling to CBD Belapur in buses had to get off midway as vehicles going from Thane-Belapur road or Vashi to Belapur were diverted to take the Belapur bridge, instead of the highway, where the bus stop is.

Some 120 traffic officials, fanned out on the roads, saw to it that commuters were diverted appropriately. Kharghar resident Venkatesh Baori, commuting on the route, said, “Vehicle movement was allowed one way from Uran Phata to Belapur bridge, which created a jam.” The Navi Mumbai traffic officials were stationed every 500 metres to comb out knots in the flow of vehicles.

“We were keen on law and order being maintained in light of the agitation going on outside CIDCO Bhavan. Our officials continuously redirected traffic to avoid major snarls. We had put up boards directing commuters to alternatives routes,” said a senior official from Belapur traffic division, on the condition of anonymity. The traffic department is hoping the agitation settles down quick. DCP Vijay Patil (Traffic), Navi Mumbai, said, “On Monday we tried our level best to divert traffic. 

We tried to keep the route to Belapur railway station open so daily commuters did not get stuck. We have no plan in mind and will manage traffic each day till the issue is sorted out.” PAP leader DB Patil, part of the agitation, said the agitators had decided not to retract the remonstration till their demands are met. “For years, we have been silently protesting but no one seems to be noticing.

This time we will not allow any work to go on inside CIDCO Bhavan till our demands are met,” said Patil. Their demands include allotment of 12.5% land to those yet to receive it, 100% reservation in CIDCO projects, civic amenities and infrastructure in the villages like Kalamboli, Dronagiri, Roadpali and Kamothe.

What were the problems you faced while travelling?

I had decided to go from Kharghar to Ghatkopar through Palm Beach road via CBD Belapur circle near CIDCO Bhavan. But I got there and saw that there was some agitation. It took me over half an hour from CIDCO Bhavan to Palm Beach road. - Rajesh K Sreevastava, Kharghar resident, engineer

I was travelling in Belapur to Sector 9. On any regular day, it takes me 10 minutes to drive to Sector 9 from Sector 11 in Belapur, but the agitation stalled me by over 45 minutes.- Jayakar Ellis, Belapur resident, social activist

I was going from Vashi to Belapur for some work at the commissio-nerate, but I was stuck in a jam due to the protest. It took me over an hour to reach the comissionerate office, with my four-month-old son. - Vishnu Manohar, Vashi resident, IT professional

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