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Apr 02, 2013, 23:57 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The city's creative souls can rejoice as the newly-opened Art Sphere offers a wide range of innovative activities for people across age groups

Pune is known to be a cultural hub and adding to the mixed bag of offerings is Art Sphere. The creative space was conceptualised by Bharatanatyam exponent Juee Deogaokar, clinical psychologist and Arts-based therapist Anubha Doshi, Contemporary Dancer and Educator Rajyashree Ramammurthi and dancer-choreographer Karishma Harlalka.

Some of the workshops will feature dance such as Hip-Hop and Ballet

Their aim is to create a more vibrant and cutting-edge arts scene in the east side of Pune. Art Sphere, which was launched at Kalyani Nagar recently, includes a dance studio with a sprung wooden floor, a performance space, an art gallery and a film screening hall.

The team behind Art Sphere

Co-founder Deogaokar says that they started this venture to encourage the performing arts as a form of therapy. “There are various forms to arts, there is the technical aspect as well as a clinical aspect and we are trying to incorporate it all.

The whole idea is to engage people with performing arts. People have been practicing dance forms but they can be applied in a different way as well. Semi-professional as well as professionals can come here and we can build a community wherein people can come and learn what they want. There is something for every person here,” she says.

Doshi adds that arts are the oldest form of self-expression and it’s just recently that researchers have started studying the neuro-biological effects of arts on the body.

Ramamurti states that there are two aspects to the activities at Art Sphere — they have programmes for professional performers as well as a community sphere for organising activities for all age groups.

The space will host classes on Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indian dance, theatre as well as sessions on parenting, pregnancy yoga, Aerobics, and Indian Classical music appreciation workshops.

Upcoming workshops
Mother –Toddler club workshop
Till: April 14 (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday)
Time: 2.45 pm–4.15 pm
Contact: 9561720001 / 9764910345
Fun Club Workshop
Till: April 14 (Monday-Friday)
Time: 4.15 pm-6 pm
Contact: 9561720001 / 9764910345 

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