Dreams, sequence et al

Feb 11, 2014, 08:33 IST | The GUIDE Team

Check out an exhibition of dreamy and quirkily shot photographs, at an exhibition titled Dreamlike Dimension, by Fiorenze Senese

Fiorenzo Senese is an Italian manager and photographer who now calls Mumbai city his own. Combining his passion for traveling and his penchant for photography (he started learning as a teen), he has visited several countries and recorded his experiences and memories through his snapshots.

The One; each section of the ceiling has a glass that lets daylight filter in.

Interestingly, the images have certain characteristics that make them stand out: there are deliberate overexposures, underexposures, graining and out­of­focuses in his image and none of the photographs have been altered during post-production. This imparts to the images a certain dreamlike quality, thus giving the exhibition its name.

The artist has so far exhibited at several events in Istanbul (where he resided earlier). His latest exhibit, after Mumbai, will be showcased in several other Indian cities and lastly in Italy.

Till February 21,
12 pm to 8 pm
at Piramal Art Gallery,
NCPA, Nariman Point.

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