Dress up for the monsoon

Aug 12, 2014, 07:54 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

It's raining cats and dogs and you are hard-pressed to select what to wear this season. The guide plays saviour by quizzing designers on the dos and don'ts of fashion in the rainy season

The monsoon, with the mud and the incessant rains, presents a challenge to dress and look your best. We speak to a few designers for some creative ideas.


Designer Sreejith Jeevan explains that colours like blue, green and aqua are trending this season. “One should wear clothes that make you feel happy. Even full black looks good during this season. One must avoid clothes that stay wet for a longer time. Opt for fabrics such as chiffon and georgette as they dry faster.”

Jeevan was supported by designer Asa Kazingmei, who added that black is in vogue for both men and women and all the darker hues also look good. “Neon colours are a strict no-no though,” Kazingmei adds.

Fashion designer Ujjawal Dubey emphasises that printed neutral shade raincoats are must-haves for men this season. “On a more experimental note, bright colours can accentuate the outfit and add fun to the mundane raincoat,” he states.

He further observes that gum boots and hooded raincoats with fun prints inside are also in demand. “Umbrellas have become a matter of style statement, with options in various styles and prints to match one’s personality available. Avoid white this monsoon. Wear it only if you are ready to bear the risk (of it getting spoiled),” he concludes.

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