Drunk teen tries to charge phone on Broadway

Jul 12, 2015, 02:52 IST | Agencies

An apologetic Nick Silvestri vows never to get onstage unless he decides to be an actor

New York: On Friday, a New York teen bizarrely clambered onto a Broadway stage to try to recharge his phone in a prop outlet.


Nick Silvestri from Seaford held a press conference outside the Booth Theatre, where on July 2 he had to be pulled off the stage by ushers moments before the play Hand to God started. He apologised, blaming ignorance and alcohol. He said it wasn’t a stunt, even though his buddy took a video of the attempt. Silvestri, nicknamed the Broadway “Juice Jackal,” describe it as just bad decision-making.

“Ultimately, before coming to see the show, I downed a few drinks and I think that clearly impaired my judgment," said Silvestri, 19. "Before the show started, I noticed that my phone's battery was low, and the only power outlet I saw was on stage."

Silvestri said he didn't know the stage is considered off limits, adding he now felt terrible for the performers. The Nassau Community College student vowed never to get onstage again "unless I decide to be an actor."

Silvestri, who had gone to watch the show with his family, said, "I'm sorry for my actions, and I hope that I can become an example of a great theatergoer in the future."

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