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Jan 02, 2013, 08:39 IST | Ruchika Kher

They've been making waves in the UK and the rest of Europe since they got together in 2009 and now, Bristol-based band, Dub Mafia have carved a substantial fan base in India, as reiterated at a recently-concluded music festival in Goa

“Hopefully, we will be back in India soon,” quips a chirpy Eva Lazarus, the lone-woman member in the seven-piece band, Dub Mafia. The band that blends Drum and Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Basement, Breakbeat and World music into their own unique sound received an unprecedented response at Live From The Console@Rowson’s Reserve Smooth Spaces’ maiden Goa edition, where they wowed the audience with their energy and their brand of music on December 30. 

Dub Mafia
The band performing at Life From The Console’s Goa edition

Despite exhausting rehearsals and the piercing heat, Lazarus was refreshingly upbeat when we caught up with her before their act. “We are very happy to be in India, I’ve been here before, and I went to Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Goa. But, the entire band is coming here for the first time,” says Lazarus who fronts the band that also comprises Andrew Davids (drums), Aron Davids (keys/bass), Matt Davids (guitar), Jago Whitehead (percussion) and DJ Snafu (decks). Since coming together two years ago, Dub Mafia has become one of the most popular dance acts in the UK, Europe and beyond and they were not short of rave reviews even in India.

Dub Mafia (centre - Eva Lazarus)

The group act
Lazarus points out that although their band is like a family, it took them some time to come on the same page and understand each other’s style of working. “It’s taken a while to develop this great working relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to be in a band where there are lots of people. In a situation like that, if you prefer a particular beat or a sound, but the others feel that its damaging the song, you should not get personal about it, you have to let it go and for the good of the song, you have to get rid of it. It has taken a while to get to that working relationship, but, we are really getting good at that now,” she informs. Does she get any special treatments for being the only girl in the band? Lazarus laughs loudly at this query, and reveals that they follow a fair democratic practice when it comes to making decisions about the band. “I am like their little sister, so they do look after me. But, all decisions are group decisions and I am not given any special treatments.”

New year, new beginning
Visibly excited about their debut album that will hit stores mid this year, the vocalist, shares that finally their wait will pay off, once the album is finally out.“Some of the sounds that we have recorded are sounding so good, it’s making the long wait worthwhile. We have been impatient, setting ourselves markers, but then, we realised that why are we doing this to ourselves? We need to give ourselves time and record something nice rather than rushing in and recording something that we are unhappy with.”

The band plans to back the album release with a supporting tour to different countries and that’s when they plan to visit India again. 

Eva Lazarus loves India FOR...
1) Its weather
2) Its welcoming and warm people
3) Dal – when it’s done well, it tastes so nice
4) Junk jewellery 

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