Duo armed with fake gun loot man of Rs 70K

Feb 09, 2013, 02:41 IST | Vinay Dalvi

A man working as a manager with a choreographer was kidnapped from Juhu and taken to Fort by two unidentified persons claiming to be in danger of being bumped off; the duo later cleaned him off Rs 70,000


While Vakola resident Zakir Ikran Hussain (41) was driving towards home at 7 pm yesterday, two men flagged him down near Irla and told him that the belonged to underworld don Mustafa Dossa’s gang and their rivals were out to eliminate them. One man got into the front seat next to Hussain, while the other occupied the backseat and asked to be taken towards Bandra.


At Bandra, the man in the front seat whipped out a pistol and ordered Hussain to proceed to Dharavi, where they force him to sit in the backseat and bind his hands with a short rope. One of the men then drove the victim’s car towards Fort area and halted near Reserve bank of India at around 10 pm.


They checked Hussain’s wallet, found his debit card and forced him to disclose his ATM pin number at gunpoint. While one of the men waited with Hussain in the car, the other entered a State Bank of India ATM and cleaned out the victim’s account of Rs 70,000. Hussain managed to undo the rope and raised the alarm, but the duo fled from the spot on foot. Hussain then approached MRA Marg police station and registered a complaint of kidnapping and robbery. Upon checking the car, the police found the pistol lying in the vehicle, but it turned out to be a cigarette lighter. The police have requested SBI for CCTV footage from the ATM. The case will be transferred to Juhu police station as the incident started in that jurisdiction. 

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