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Apr 25, 2013, 23:25 IST | The Guide Team

The Guide tried some diet tiffin options across the city to give you a lowdown of the various options

For the test drive, we ordered a tiffin from Back To The Basics Vegan Tiffin and another from Ghar Ka Swad. Both the tiffins were oil-free and included organic whole grain preparations. The Vegan Tiffin had corn and mixed vegetable korma, rotis, non-diary raita, non-diary chaas, beetroot ginger and a green mango drink. 

Diet Tiffin from Back To The Basics. pics/  Lopamudra Sahoo  

“These tiffins are good for diabetics, people suffering from obesity and heart disease,” said Anuradha Sawhney, who runs Back To The Basics. She added that there is a huge demand for these tiffins as people have become health-conscious nowadays. On the taste front, we had no complaints as it tasted good and is perfect for those on a diet. “I use Soya milk and peanut milk for the preparations which I make myself,” said Sawhney. Interestingly, the chaas tasted exactly the same as the ones made from dairy curd. They claim that each dish is made with fresh vegetables and spices and is packed in clean containers. They do not use preserved gravies or add any preservatives to the food.

Corn and Mixed Vegetables from the Back To The Basics diet tiffin

The tiffin service Ghar Ka Swad had regular preparations such as Gavar, chappatis, a potato and peas bhaji, beet and cucumber salad, rice and dal. It was cooked in minimum oil but if you would rather opt for oil-free preparations, then don’t opt for this tiffin. Zakir patel, owner of Ghar Ka Swad, said that diet tiffins are the need of the hour and it’s apt in today’s hurried lifestyle where dieting and fitness have become a way of life.

Diet Tiffin from Ghar Ka Swad

Ravindra Anturkar, founder and owner of Cmitra, a similar diet tiffin service, says, “Health food has become important as nowadays people wish to eat healthy and oil-free food. We have done scientific research on our products and then launched them. All the products we use are organic.”

While the city has a host of diet tiffin options dietician Dr Mukta Manakshwar sounds a cautious note. She says that having only diet lunches will not help. One has to have diet meals over the whole day and the diet chart varies from person to person.

“If one consumes diet food over the whole day then only will it help to reduce weight. Having such food does help in the long run for sure. The diet tiffins have anywhere between 300-400 calories while regular meals have 450 calories.”

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