'EDM from India should have Indian flavour'

Jun 01, 2014, 07:08 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Through their album Rlung Ta, the band Samved wants to convince people that Indian classical music and EDM can co-exist in harmony

Is there a theme behind your debut album?
The plan is to try out different flavours of Indian classical music and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Our debut album is heavily influenced by industrial sounds, so the EDM that you hear is industrial EDM with hardcore Indian classical music.

(L-R) Samved’s members Kirti Prabar Das, Sangeet Mishra, Ritvik Joe, Abhijeet Hedgepatil and Zeeshan Khan
(L-R) Samved’s members Kirti Prabar Das, Sangeet Mishra, Ritvik Joe, Abhijeet Hedgepatil and Zeeshan Khan

The album is called Rlung Ta, inspired by the colourful Tibetan prayer flags. They signify different colours but with one meaning and that’s the ideology we come along with. All of us come from different backgrounds and different knowledge of sound but when we sit together, we make music which is acceptable to all. Honestly, we are still in the zone where we are trying to determine our target audience. People who like EDM have liked our music but there are still some hardcore EDM fans who need to be convinced that EDM from India should have Indian flavour.

There are seven members in the band, all of whom have different influences. Is there a clash of music ideologies?
Everyday! But that’s the fun of making music. It’s because of these clashes that we agree to disagree, and grow.

Tell us about your other project, where Indian classical musicians have recorded video tutorials?
It’s basically a workshop-oriented playlist and we have released three such playlists on our YouTube channel. The idea is to promote good and authentic Indian and electronic music in India. We have come up with different concepts for each playlist. So we have sarangi player Sabir Khan, who has played six different raagas corresponding with the six seasons. Renowned sitar player Imran Khan has played 10 different raagas based on different time zones in the day. We are in touch with a couple of international artistes who are coming down to India in July and we will come up with playlists for them as well. Later, when we launch our website, we will link the videos there as well.

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