Effective indoor workouts to keep your waistline in check this monsoon

Jul 03, 2013, 12:06 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The sweet whiff in the air of the rains might be calling for bhajiyas and hot chocolate but The Guide digs out effective indoor exercises that can keep you fit

When the monsoon season begins, the wet and rainy weather often ruins your plans to go out and do your daily routine of taking a walk or jogging. Understanding how the climate cannot be a restricting force for fitness freaks plus gymming being the only weary option one can have, we spoke to several experts finding out how to stay fit at such a time. The Guide takes you through trendy workout patterns that are available in city-based gyms as well as through fun-filled options that one can do right at home.

A woman practising Bhujangasana in yoga

Do a lot of cardio 
While you have to give your regular walks or jogs a miss during the season, best way to compensate is to go under cardio training as much as you can. A 20-minute cardio session can be easily extended to a half hour one; same for cycling as well as spinning.

Instead of running
Stand on a spot and bring your knees to the chest as rapidly as possible. It’s a combination of running on the spot and bringing your knees high. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds and increase the number of rounds you do in a gradual fashion.

Hit the staircase
This is an ideal exercise for your lower body and effective for calorie burning. Work out on a staircase of 15 steps and start from 5-round sessions and increase them as per your stamina.

Representative picture of weight training

Yoga for the body and mind
Yoga is a very good option as its main advantage is that it boosts the immune system, an absolute necessity during the rains. Asanas like Bhujangasana, Matsyasana, Omkar and Sivananda Pranayama are highly recommended for this season. Along with flexibility, yoga also helps in maintaining a proper breathing pattern that helps in maintaining a healthy body and peaceful mind.

Pilates can be preferred for weight loss
A lot has been said and told about pilates. Not only can you perform it in your house or gym but this rigorous physical training is also helpful in losing weight. A body conditioning routine, it also helps in build flexibility, muscle strength, endurance in legs, abdomen, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or centre; improving coordination and balance. 

Revamped workout for the Gym
Dr Ajish Abraham, fitness trainer of Gold's Gym advises a full workout session for the monsoon:
Warm up
Go for 5-10 mins of warm up before starting up with your session.
15-20 mins of cycling, 10 mins of cross legs and 10 mins of cycling will serve the need for cardio.
Weight training
Medicine ball workout, squats and barbell squats are effective. If you want to go more rigorous you can include some pulling and pushing exercises like lat pulley and bench presses.
Doc's advice:
Spinning and multi-joint cross training exercises for upper and lower body is recommended during the monsoon. As the climate does not allow you to burn much calories, exercises like medicine ball workouts help you in a big way. 

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