Eight tips on how to be a smart shopper

Jul 14, 2015, 09:50 IST | The Guide Team

Make the most of drop-dead discounts at season-end sales with these eight tips to hold the reigns and be a smart shopper

1) Always go with a plan. Check your wardrobe before you set out for a shopping spree during a sale frenzy. Check what pieces you absolutely need, and hunt for those on bargains instead of wasting time going off on a wild goose chase.

2) Get rid of your unwanted clothes in the wardrobe first and then zero down on the stores that will provide you replacements. So if you need sleepwear and basics, go straight to a required store and avoid buying unnecessary items.

3) Always check the original price before adding the item to your basket. Make sure the marked-down price is worth.

4) Always ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” The best of us get carried away, only because it’s a sale and end up accumulating items of clothing and accessories that are not even our size or style.

5) If possible, avoid weekends for sale shopping. It’s depressing and chaotic to see mounds of discarded clothes on the floor and the racks.

6) Try and set a budget beforehand, and carry a list of essentials that you should tick off before you head out and over-spend on that pretty peasant top, which isn’t even your personality but looks good.

7) Chances of finding the right size are difficult. Head to staple stores where you know the sizes fit you. This will also save you time, as you might not have to try some pieces too.

8) Visit malls that are otherwise not too crowded as they will have relatively lesser crowds than popular malls. You might have to travel half an hour extra but it will be worth it.

Inputs by Chandni Sinha (personal shopper) and Rea Burman (freelance stylist)

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