Emraan Hashmi gorges on street food

Apr 11, 2012, 10:42 IST | Shakti Shetty

The actor recently indulged his taste buds as he binged on street food while shooting at Chandni Chowk

Street food in India has its own charm. And Emraan Hashmi got a taste of it recently!

So much so that the actor’s strict diet went for a complete toss while he was shooting for his upcoming film where he plays an arms dealer. Chandni Chowk was the location where pivotal shots took place.

This particular area is renowned for providing the finest street food in Old Delhi. And being a self-confessed foodie, Emraan couldn’t help but try some of them.

Apparently, he loved the fare so much that he gave up his healthy food routine for few days. The actor confirms, “We shot at Delhi’s Chandni Chowk for quite a few days. 

We had never-ending hours of shoot and though I am quite specific about what I eat and about it being healthy, the street food there simply threw my diet off. I loved it so much that I ditched my regular food for all what we ate there — especially the butter chicken!”

This practice went on for a while but not before he realised the importance of his usual regime and exercise. “I put myself back on my regular diet almost immediately after the shot. As much as I enjoyed it, I had to keep it under control,” added Emraan. 

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