Enjoy the evening with Bianca Love and her band Muddafunk tonight

Feb 08, 2017, 19:40 IST | Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya

Check out the Funk and Jazz tunes of young music talent Bianca Love, a singer-songwriter who grew up in the US, tonight

Born and raised in New Orleans, 22-year-old Bianca Love returned to her roots (Kolkata) in 2011. No, that’s not her surname. She established herself as a singer-songwriter and had to look for a glamorous moniker to market her music better. “Actually, I am a ‘Bhattacharya’. I am from the US where not many can pronounce it; I needed a strategy to advertise my body of work,” reveals Bianca, who will perform a Funk and Jazz set with her band, Muddafunk, at a gig tonight. Excerpts from an interview.

You lived in many cities after moving out of Kolkata. What have you been up to?
My folks didn’t want me to do music, so I moved to Pune. I arrived in Mumbai last year, and I have no plans to go anywhere else. I have been performing and teaching music. If you have the skill set and rehearse regularly, producing sellable music, nothing is impossible. To pay rent, I do voice-overs and ad jingles. Last December, I was teaching at a school in Meghalaya for a brief period.

What kind of music will you be playing tonight?
It is going to be a mix of originals and covers. We have a fun song called Phunkwich, which is about a Friday girl’s night out. It is a happy number. There is another Blues song called Homegrown Blues. The band will also do covers of Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.

Tell us about the experience of attending concerts in the US?
You won’t believe but I haven’t seen much there. I was never allowed to attend gigs or parties. I was only 16 when I relocated to India. But I did sneak out to catch the Mardi Gras festival at times. Many underground bands would perform there.

On Tonight, 8.30 pm AT The Cuckoo Club, AA, Mc Ronnel’s Compound, Pali Hill Road, Bandra (W).
Call 9619962969 COST R400

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