'1920 Evil Returns' took a toll on me: Tia Bajpai

Nov 05, 2012, 08:01 IST | PTI

Playing a possessed girl in '1920 Evil Returns' had such an effect on actress Tia Bajpai that she took her onscreen persona home even after the day's shoot was over

The 24-year-old actress found it tough to switch back to real life after filming was over and her family members freaked out. 'After a gruelling shoot on the sets where I was playing this tormented girl, it wasn't easy to get into a switch on and switch off mode. Hats off to those who can do that, I can't for sure.

1920 Evil Returns

'The film took such a toll on me that I carried the spirit with me to the dinner table as well. There were animalistic traits in me and I started speaking in a heavy bass voice at home as well,' Tia told PTI. Her family wasn't amused and after a while and when Tia's behaviour started freaking them out, they had a stern word with her that it was about time she drew a line between real and reel life.

'After a while they didn't find it funny at all. My mom used to worry about what was wrong with me. When my brother said something, I started giving those weird looks to him, just like my character would in the film,' said Tia, who had gone through a similar routine during her debut film 'Haunted' as well. 'It became a little too much for them after a while and they started wondering if I had indeed gone mad. Today when we remember that time period, we find it funny but trust me, back then it was weird,' she said. 

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