Extra legs gone, but more surgery in store for boy

May 02, 2012, 07:14 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Four days after doctors had successfully removed the extra pair of legs from his lower body, 10-month-old Raj Manohar is ready to be discharged today.

Raj, who underwent over two hours of surgery on Friday, is recuperating in the paediatric ward of the hospital. MiD DAY had reported on the infant with a rare condition called partial caudal duplication, and his surgery at KEM hospital (‘Surgery to help 4-legged boy stand on two feet’ April 25).

Not over yet: Raj will undergo another surgery in 3 months

“The infant will be discharged, as he responded to the treatment very well. We have asked his parents to return in three months for stage two, which is the urethral duplication surgery,” said Dr Sanjay Oak, dean, KEM Hospital.

Raj’s parents – Ravindra (28) and Vaishali (25) – who hail from Yavatmal district, are thankful that they will finally get to take their son home from the hospital. However, they are now worried about the money they may need to spend on his postoperative care, and the subsequent surgery.

“We are glad our son can now live a normal life, but we are anxious about the future expenses, as we only earn Rs 100 a day,” said Ravindra. “Living in Mumbai is expensive. We have no place to stay.” Raj’s journey to a full recovery is far from over. The second surgery would involve removing the extra genital organ. “We will look for a social worker to assist the infant’s family once he is discharged,” said Dr Satish Kapadnis, KEM Hospital. 

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