Facebook page tribute to 'Dark Knight' shooting suspect sparks outrage

Jul 25, 2012, 15:09 IST | Agencies

The creation of a Facebook page paying tribute to James Holmes, who has been suspected of killing 12 people during the screening of Dark Knight Rises, has sparked off anger in the social media community


Although some social media users have ''liked'' the pages, it has led to an outpouring of comments deriding the anonymous online posts in wake of the tragedy.
The page, named ‘James Holmes fan club’, has been created less than two days after the massacre.
On the page the accused shooter is described as a ''misunderstood man'', ''entertainer'' and ''monarch,’ the Daily Mail reports.

Colorado shooter James Holmes
Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes. Photo: AFP

According to the report, Internet memes have also been created, one is a mocked-up picture of Holmes as a military veteran receiving a medal from President Obama.
Another uses a picture of the Joker from the last Batman movie and reads, ‘it’s simple, we kill the audience.’
According to the report, many Facebook users have posted their disgust and fury.
“I pray that there is a special place in hell reserved for James Holmes, and to the person responsible for this page, I hope there is a spot reserved for you too!,” said one user. 

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