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Jul 14, 2013, 06:25 IST | Kaveri Waghela

This is not the season for blazers and knit sweaters or for mini skirts and flowing maxis. But that's exactly why you could probably grab that cool summer dress or a swanky jacket for a steal at the stores now. Kaveri Waghela helps you make the best shopping investments as the sale season hots up

This could well be a manual for ‘How to ace a sale.’ After all that mighty four letter word can lure even the staunchest couch potato to the doors of a swanky store in the hope of buying a dress or a shirt for half the price.

But half the battle in a sale is not just how much you pay, but what you pay it for. Imagine grabbing that last piece of a top or a shoe only to discover the version 2.0 is arriving at the store next month. Shop wisely instead we say.

So if it’s pouring outside as it is now, don’t even look for raingear. Invest instead in a summer dress, a woolen coat, or a mini when no one else is looking that way.

Take the case of Jeena Sharma, a freelance fashion writer. Sharma often grabs the sale season by the scruff of the neck and grabs all that she can in the off-season clothes racks.

“I love picking up winter-wear during summer. A nice blazer or even a leather skirt at half the price is always a steal. Trends keep coming back, so I look at every buy as an investment. Sometimes, I might be travelling to a city or a country with a different climate and sale season helps me stock up on my travel essentials,” she says.

And yes, it’s plain silly to ignore a good dress or a blazer because it’s-so-last-season-darling! Clothes should last more than a year. Off -season shopping is the smart way to go.

It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket but probably makes a few friends burn with envy when you sport that cool new look in winter. Suede shoes, leather jackets, thermal warmers and even a tweed blazer that cannot be worn now, all come under the ‘off-season picks.’

But such sales are tempting and one has to choose between what one needs and what just looks very alluring.

Explains fashion designer and stylist Rajat Tangri, “While on an off-season shopping spree, make sure you make a list of what you really want instead of hoarding things on impulse, only because the price is low. Always opt for basic styles and neutral designs as they are likely to remain in vogue.”

There! Now that the cat is out of the bag, go on, splurge on the best off- season clothes. Your wardrobe will thank you later!

Tips to shop for off season sale shopping
>> Sales lure, make a list of the clothes that you really want for a specific occasion or even for travel in the future. This will not only make your shopping experience easy but also save time.
>> Look out for clothes that will never go out of style. For example- An oversized blazer or a classic black and white dress.
>> Have a budget, this can save you from overspending 

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