Fashion speaks louder than words

Jan 22, 2012, 09:37 IST | Yolande D'mello

A Mumbai-based t-shirt brand aims to change the way citizens think about the country, one tagline at a time

A Mumbai-based t-shirt brand aims to change the way citizens think about the country, one tagline at a time

Wordplay isn't the main criterion, says Shanjan Kale, Partner at Bhashan, a t-shirt brand that launched two months ago.   "Our taglines aren't attempting to be funny, we want them to be hard-hitting. The message should be clear, after which we try to make it look artistic," says the 23 year-old Matunga resident.

A part time corporate consultant Kale decided to "get the message across" through his business of t-shirts with taglines that talk about issues relevant to the country. Though contrary to the name, he isn't here to preach. "Bhashan is simply a clever combination of my business partner Bhavesh Sanghavi.and my name," smiles Kale.

Spanning themes like child labour, education, corruption, terrorism, poverty, global warming, Indian economy and drugs, the brand aims to get the nation thinking," he says.

The taglines are created by a team of eight copywriters, designs appear simplistic and sizes range from an XS to XL. "I'm not scared to talk about the truth in our nation. Kashmir against terrorism is a clever slogan but the situation has only worsened in the last 40 years. People in Mumbai are not removed from the issue and should have an opinion about it," he says.    

While some taglines may seem obtuse, Kale has a strong opinion on happenings across the country and is able to articulate his thoughts in about five words and then scribble it across a t-shirt. "A few months ago, I was the kind of person who would pay someone off to get my work done. 

But I realised that pointing fingers isn't going to better the situation. There are certain difficult questions that need to be asked to each citizen and only when we change will the country move forward," explains Kale in a tone that would have most people believe that he is contesting the forthcoming elections. 

While a loudspeaker might seem more appropriate, the duo chose the medium of the t-shirt so that they could reach a larger demographic. The online site will be active by end of January and t-shirts cost Rs 300 and above.

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