Femen activists jailed for topless protest in Tunisia

Jun 13, 2013, 11:38 IST | IANS

A court in Tunisia has jailed three European activists of the Femen group who staged a topless protest in the country last month

Two French citizens and a German national were handed four-month jail sentences Wednesday for having targeted Tunisia's justice ministry May 29, the tunisia-live.net website reported. Josephine, Pauline and Marguerite were arrested after staging a topless protest in support of another Femen activist, Amina, who was arrested for an anti-Islamist protest in Tunisia May 19.

The Femen activists were charged with offending public decency and threatening public order. Radical feminist movement Femen was established in Ukraine in 2008 and devoted mainly to protests on women's issues. Later, the group made headlines for topless protests around the world on various issues, including religion, national and international topics.

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