Fighting over Bhanwari Devi

May 24, 2012, 08:42 IST | Hiren Kotwani

Makers of two separate films on the murder victim threaten to sue each other for hijacking the concept

Two producers have engaged themselves in a war of words. Both are doing a film on Bhanwari Devi, a victim of sexual assault and murder from Rajasthan, Nikhil Tonk and Ranjeet Sharma are now in a race to be credited as the original maker.

Sadhika Randhawa has already started shooting for the film while Mallika Sherawat is under consideration

Tonk, who has registered the title for his film says, “If someone else tries to race ahead by making a smaller project, then I’m not going to let anyone derail my project. I’ve already spoken to the film associations against the others.” In fact, Tonk gets into a threatening mode as he adds, “So if anyone tries to jeopardise my film, I’ll deal with the person(s) appropriately, and legally.”

Meanwhile Ranjeet Sharma, who has started shooting his film with Sadhika Randhawa seems prepared for any legal hurdle. “I’ve replied to a notice I got from the Jat community in Rajasthan, who claimed that their sentiments will be hurt if this film is made. I replied stating that I’m making the film based on the incidents and court’s observations on the case,” he asserts.

He states, “To make a film on any real person, you need permissions from the family. I’ve got all the required documents from Bhanwari’s husband Amarchand and their lawyers. Besides, her son Sahil will play the character of Bhanwari’s son in my film. If need be, I’ll get Bhanwari’s family to sue the other producers who start making their films on her.”  

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