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Jan 10, 2012, 08:10 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

It took singer Kailash Kher five hours to make his son Kabir sing for 20 seconds in his new album. "He is a real star

It took singer Kailash Kher five hours to make his son Kabir sing for 20 seconds in his new album. "He is a real star. Kabir has lent his voice in a rap number with me. Needless to say, I am thrilled with his debut," says the doting father. After spending a quiet New Year in Lonavala, Kailash is back in the thick of things with a new album and playback assignments. With love being the central theme of the album, CS chats with Kailash about love and relationships:

Who: Kailash Kher
What: Talking about love and relationships
Where: At his Juhu residence

Love aaj kal
The idea I am trying to convey through my new album is that love and romance lies within you. While most of us try to seek love from our beloveds, the emotion majorly exists within us. Today, relationships are different from what they used to be before. People want to be practical, and not emotional. In many cases, when I hear of people breaking up or ending relationships, I feel that they are not following their hearts. They let many external factors dictate them, and emotions take a backseat. And by the time they re-discover their feelings, their relationships are damaged beyond repair.

Love is in a song
As a kid, I loved the number Zulmi Sang Aankh Ladi Re from Madhumati. But I always heard 'zulmi' as 'filmy' and would sing Filmy Sang Aankh Ladi Re. So, my uncle corrected me saying that it was zulmi. When I asked him what the word meant, he said, "zulmi is your father." Now, in those days my father used to have quite a short temper, and I understood what it meant to be a zulmi (laughs out loud). The song from Mughal-E-Azam, Jab Raat Hai Aisi Matwaali, Phir Subah Ka Aalam Kyaa Hoga is another favourite as it denotes the madness of romance. From my compositions, I love Saiyyan because it talks about the supreme sacrifices made for love.

Record time
Working on an album and doing playback are two different things altogether. Playback singing is quicker for one. But you don't have much quality control on a song because the final call is the composer's. In playback, you just have to sing a song and forget about it. On many occasions, it might happen that the song has been scrapped from a film or the film's been shelved altogether. You can't be too attached to your song (smiles). There have been times when I have sung songs that I felt were very well sung or composed, but nothing happened with  them after I left the recording studio (sighs).

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