First-couple makeover

Apr 19, 2016, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Talk about going glam with a vengeance. Not only has Amruta Fadnavis been working out along with husband CM Devendra Fadnavis, but now word comes in that the banker is something of a fashionista

Talk about going glam with a vengeance. Not only has Amruta Fadnavis been working out along with husband CM Devendra Fadnavis, but now word comes in that the banker is something of a fashionista.

She was snapped over the weekend along with designer Nachiket Barve when both participated in a design conclave at a Pune five-star.

Nachiket Barve and Amruta Fadnavis
Nachiket Barve and Amruta Fadnavis

“To me, she represents the modern Indian woman,” says Barve, who has designed full-length gowns and kurtas for Fadnavis in the past.

“Someone who multi-tasks and straddles different worlds effortlessly. She likes quality wear, he shares. “And above all, she likes clothes that make her feel good.”

Magical Benefit Dinner
This Thursday, the who’s who of Mumbai will gather for a glamorous evening for a worthy cause: the Magic Bus Annual Benefit Dinner at the St Regis Hotel.

Abhishek Bachchan and Kanika Kapoor
Abhishek Bachchan and Kanika Kapoor

The Magic Bus Gala, now in its fifth year, is a charity auction to raise funds to uplift the lives of thousands of children in India. The funds are put towards the education of children, in an initiative that assures that every child supported “will go to school and at the very least complete the 10th standard”. And this year, apart from the live auction and dinner conducted by Mandira Bedi, there will be performances by The Other People and Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor; Abhishek Bachchan will also be the guest of honour for the evening.

Some of the items up for grabs are: A kabaddi match experience with Bachchan’s Jaipur Team, an invitation to the Christian Louboutin Atelier in Paris, two exclusive sit-down dinners by renowned chefs Rahul Akerkar and Atul Kochhar, an invitation to a distillery in Scotland, a framed autographed picture of the Jackson 5 band, VIP seats at the Dior Fashion show in Paris, a holiday at the Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives and artwork by Revati Sharma and the legendary SH Raza, amongst others. Nice!

Sonia’s Revenge?
Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and author-columnist Tavleen Singh certainly epitomises the aphorism. Following her book ‘Durbar’ which was a no holds barred revelation of the animosity she shared with Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, she says she and her BF industrialist Ajit Gulabchand have been the subject of a series of stinging retaliations from the Gandhis.

Tavleen Singh and Sonia Gandhi
Tavleen Singh and Sonia Gandhi

“My new book begins with a raid,” said Singh when we spoke to her yesterday. “Everyone told us that it was because of ‘Durbar’. Sonia even tried to get my column dropped!” she says, adding, “Meanwhile, Jayanthi Natarajan has even told FinMin Jaitley and PM Modi that the reason she lost her job as Environment Minister was because the court had weighed in favour of Lavasa (which Gulabchand has built) and Sonia held her responsible for not having it shut down.

The vindictiveness against Lavasa is also because Ajit is a good friend of Sharad Pawar,” said Singh, adding, “Do come next Tuesday for the launch of ‘India’s Broken Tryst,” said Singh. We will, we assured her. We certainly will.

Of Satya and Sachin
He may be CEO of Microsoft and one of the highest paid executives in the world, but according to Satya Nadella, even after all these years, his most prized possession is a bat he owns, signed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Satya Nadella and Sachin Tendulkar
Satya Nadella and Sachin Tendulkar

The celebrated head honcho from Hyderabad shared this bit of information on a Q&A with the WSJ recently in which he revealed facets about himself and his life.

From the world’s most powerful CEO to the royal couple, the Little Master has bowled them all over, it appears.

The Maestro through the Master’s Eye
The swashbuckling maestro Zubin Mehta has many admirers and to his credit, an equal number of them from both sexes. After all, there is something about his passion and vitality that few can resist.

So, it comes as no surprise that the city’s leading ophthalmologist Burjor Banaji appears to be so enamoured of the conductor that he’s been posting a series of portraits of Mehta on his FB timeline for the past few weeks. These include portraits of the master’s hands, candid shots of him during rehearsals and backstage snaps.

Zubin Mehta and his hands captured by Dr Burjor Banaji
Zubin Mehta and his hands captured by Dr Burjor Banaji

What is interesting is that Banaji is not the only one who exults in the opportunity to capture Mehta in action. Ace photographers Sooni Taraporevala and Farrokh Chottia are said to have been in and out of the rehearsals and run-up to the Mumbai concerts, too.

And yes, it’s just a coincidence that they, like Banaji, just happen to be Parsi. Because as every one knows, while all of Mumbai loves Mehta, it’s just that the Parsis love him a little bit more.

As Old as the Hills
Our Oolong tea favouring Sobo hostess friend was beside herself when we met her in her boudoir over the weekend. “800 crores,” she cackled, “not a penny less,” she declared. What on earth are you talking about, we said.

“Darling, that’s the amount of alimony she’s asking for,” she said. Huh, we said.

“Oh, come on! Everyone knows about this high-profile couple and their marital woes,” she said, throwing us a withering glance. “The husband who’s been seeing a foreigner and the wife who set some excellent sleuths to get her the evidence and then allegedly got a tantric to deal with the matter.”

Oh that, we said, spine-chilling stuff, na?

“As old as the hills,” said the OTFSB in an all-knowing tone. “And by that, I mean the hills of Malabar, Pali and Cumballa,” she whooped, delighted at her own wit, adding, “But the figure 800 is new even to Mumbai, where the stakes for sugar daddies amongst the bold and the beautiful is at an all time high.”

Yes, we’ve heard, we said.

“But nothing compared to Delhi and it’s manhunt,” sniffed the OTFSH. “There, the ladies who lunch are actually getting into public catfights over any available rich man — married or not,” she said. “At least in Mumbai, the game is subtler.”

How so?

“Well, they slip things into their drinks,” said the OTFSH. “Er, by the way, would you like a glass of orange juice?” No, thanks, we said, and beat a hasty retreat even as we heard her trill, “Boy, zara hot water lao please.”

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