First female Afghan rapper breaks tradition, releases debut single

Oct 10, 2012, 13:45 IST | Agencies

23-year-old Sosan Firooz has broken the traditional boundaries set for Afghan women and released her first rap song.

A 23-year-old Afghan woman has made history in her conservative country after releasing her first rap song at the cost of angering some of her family members.

Sosan Firooz, through her rap songs, has touched upon hard-hitting subjects including the repression of women and her hopes for a peaceful Afghanistan.

She also raps about her family's escape to Iran during the Afghan civil war of the 1990s and the hardline Taliban regime's rise to power, reports said.

Firooz has spoken openly of the misery she felt as a child during a five-year stay in a country in which she claims people looked with disdain on Afghan refugees.

“While we were in Iran, we were called 'dirty Afghans' and told to go to the back of the line at the bakery,” said Firooz.

So far, a track from her album ‘Our Neighbours’ has only been released on YouTube, with a video that shows a series of pictures of Firooz posing in a hip-hop style gear, with jeans, dangling chains and bracelets.

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