For 6 months, this Mumbai hairstylist is searching for her missing twin

Oct 08, 2014, 07:17 IST | Shiva Devnath

Versova resident had filed an FIR against film producer Kishan Kumar, suspecting his involvement; case has stumped cops, who discovered missing woman has fraud cases registered against her

More than six months have passed since 33-year-old Versova resident, Jigna Thakkar went missing, but the police are still stumped by the case, and have been unable to locate her so far.

Jigna Thakkar
Mystery deepens: Jigna Thakkar, who has been missing since April. The police are stumped by her disappearance and have not been able to locate her in the past six months. They claim that Jigna is also an accused in several fraud cases

The case, which seems like a plot straight out of a Bollywood thriller, is, incidentally, intricately linked with the film world. Jigna was an employee at Bollywood producer, Kishan Kumar’s production house, from where she went on April 6. Since then, her twin sister, Jaishree (who is a hairstylist for film actresses) has been looking for her and searching for clues about her disappearance, all for nought.

According to Jaishree’s statement to the police, Jigna would often stay over at the office at New MHADA, Lokhandwala Circle, and keep in touch with her family over the phone. On April 7, Jaishree got a call from her sister’s boss, Kishan, who said Jigna had been missing since the previous day. He added that she had received a call from a friend and had gone to meet him.

Worried, Jaishree began to call on her sister’s phone, but got no answer. “When I came to know that my sister was missing, I tried to call her, but she didn’t answer. I went to her office and learned that she had left her phone and clothes there. I asked Kishan about my sister, but did not get any information,” said Jaishree. The very same day, she lodged a missing person’s complaint at Versova police station.

Guilty conscience?
By this point, Jaishree had already begun to suspect Kishan’s involvement in the the disappearance, since he was constantly declaring he had nothing to do with it. Her doubts grew when the watchman at the office said he had seen her sister leave with Kishan, and when she heard reports that they had had a huge quarrel about a month earlier about Jigna’s pending salary. Her suspicion was sealed when Kishan applied for anticipatory bail three days after Jigna went missing.

Jaishree and Kishan went to Jigna’s friends’ homes to look for her, but did not find her anywhere. After a while, Kishan cut off all communication with Jaishree, prompting her to file a case against him. According to her, the going was tough, as the police did not want to file a case against Kishan initially, finally registering an FIR almost a month later, on May 2.

The plot thickens
Last month, there was a breakthrough of sorts, when Jaishree received a text message from her sister’s number, asking her to deposit cash in an account number. The police traced the account to discover it belonged to a man based in Mahim, but were unable to locate him either. The police then claimed to have discovered that the unknown man and Jigna had been implicated in several cases of fraud, and that it was possible that Jigna was on the run to escape charges.

Jaishree said if her sister was attempting to flee, she would have planned it and taken her passport and other documents, but instead she mysteriously disappeared.

While unaware of any such activities, Jaishree told the police that even if her sister was a criminal suspect, she should be found and brought back. “I don’t know whether my sister is alive or not. I am going to meet police officials every day, but nobody answers my questions properly. If my sister is a suspect, the police should find her and bring her back,” said the worried Jaishree.

When contacted, the Versova police said they had tried to trace Jigna, but couldn't find her. “When we investigated, we found that there are cheating cases registered against Jigna. It is possible that she has fled the city, but we are still trying to trace her. Her last known location was Delhi,” said an official.

“We are investigating all angles, but still do not have any clue about her whereabouts. Investigations are still on,” said Arundhati Rane, senior PI, Versova police station.

Despite repeated attempts, Kishan Kumar could not be reached for comment.

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