Free muck on Freeway: motorists fear for life

Jul 21, 2013, 00:53 IST | Nigel Buthello

The Eastern Freeway may have made the ride between Chembur and CST a faster one, but motorists are increasingly complaining of excessive mud and gravel on P D'Mello Road, which they fear could lead to fatal accidents

Potholes are surely the biggest cause for accidents on Mumbai roads but loose gravel and debris on the road ranks a close second. No wonder then that the thousands of motorists zooming down the newly opened Eastern Freeway are complaining about the debris piled up on P D’Mello Road just before cars go up the freeway.

Over the past couple of months tonnes of debris has been dumped on this stretch of road leading to the Dockyard Road Station. Excessive dumping coupled with heavy rains have now led to large amount of mud and gravel flowing onto the main road, causing motorbikes to skid and cars to veer off the path.

Excessive dumping of debris on P D'Mello road, coupled with heavy rains, have led large amount of mud and gravel to flow on the main road, causing motorbikes to skid and cars to veer off the path. (Inset) A BMW car skidded off the road hitting the divider, injuring its occupants . PicS/ Suresh KK

Just at the end of the stretch is a petrol pump, whose attendants say they hear complaints from motorists every day. An attendant at the petrol pump told SUNDAY MiD DAY , “The debris has been dumped here from the past couple of months. Now with the rains the roads have become slippery and I have witnessed many accidents on this stretch in the last three weeks. Luckily none have been fatal.” Even as he spoke, a BMW skidded off the road and hit the divider. The occupants escaped with minor injuries thanks to the airbags in the luxury car.

BMC Speak
When contacted, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) ‘B Ward’ official Jayant Bansod said, “I will ask my officers to look at the situation as soon as possible. We have cleared the stretch of debris quiet a few times, but since the the mud and gravel are still there, we will clear it as soon as possible.”

Mustafa Tambawala, a regular user of the Freeway said, “When it rains heavily, the road becomes slippery due to the mud on it. Applying brakes all of a sudden is very dangerous since it is a main road and should a biker slip, he could injure himself or may even be run over by the heavy traffic behind him.” 

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