Freeway accident: Janhavi Gadkar's bail plea adjourned to June 25

Jun 23, 2015, 06:58 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Defence argued for a more detailed medical analysis, as they want to make sure that the accused has been given proper treatment for her fractured hand while in custody

The Kurla Metropolitan Magistrate court on Monday adjourned the bail plea hearing of Janhavi Gadkar to June 25. The jail authorities also filed Gadkar’s medical report in court yesterday. After the report was filed, defence lawyer Dimple Shah told the court that they wanted a copy of the same to examine the treatment that had been given to Gadkar.

According to the police, the reports say that the treatment given to Gadkar is sufficient
According to the police, the reports say that the treatment given to Gadkar is sufficient

Shah said that the defence was expecting all the hospital papers, which would then reveal as to where the accused had been treated, and what treatment had she been given, but the report submitted on Monday was just a one-pager.

Another adjournment
Public Prosecutor Prahlad Mahajan told defence to argue the bail application on Monday itself, as the matter was getting adjourned for the third time. Defence replied that they wanted to seek Gadkar’s medical reports, as they were anxious to see whether she had been given proper treatment.

Gadkar’s lawyers also said that they would argue the matter on Thursday, as after getting the medical reports, they would consult with a few other doctors to see whether her condition was serious, and if there was any requirement of an operation. Shah told the court, “My bail application relies on the medical report.

We want to see whether she has been taken to different hospitals for treatment. What if she goes through permanent deformity?” The matter was then adjourned to June 25.

Cop speak
According to a senior police official, “The medical report of Gadkar says everything is normal. She has a fracture in her hand, which is not major. We have already taken her to Shatabdi and Sion hospitals for treatment of her hand, when she was in our custody. The reports also say that the treatment given to her is sufficient; no other treatment is required.”

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