Fuel hike makes thermocol Ganpati abodes costlier

Sep 05, 2013, 01:05 IST | Nigel Buthello

Prices of makhars or temples -- made of polystyrene, a petroleum product -- to install Ganesha idols have shot up due to the ever-increasing petrol prices

If you thought that prices of Ganesh idols were pinching your pocket, then prepare your budget to get pinched some more as the styrofoam temples (makhars) used to install Ganesha idols are no inexpensive affair either. Styrofoam is a petroleum product, and spiralling prices of the fuel have also pulled up makhar prices along with them.

A dear home: Makhars on display at a retail shop in Navi Mumbai

Sanjeev Gaikwad, manufacturer of makhars, said, “We had no option but to hike the prices as thermacol and paint have become expensive. Moreover, the price varies with the design. The more intricate the design is, the more expensive the makhar gets.”

Gaikwad said while orders for custom-made makhars are placed at least two to three months in advance, these days people have the choice of buying readymade ones at the last minute.

Ajay Chavan, a retailer of makhars in Vashi, said, “For me the price rise doesn’t matter as I had stocked up the makhars in advance, before the prices hit the roof. This has allowed me to sell them at last year’s rate.”  

Did you know?
Size range of makhars: 1-5 ft
Price (approximately): Rs 400 to Rs 13,000

Computer-sculpted temples
Some manufacturers said they used AutoCad software to design the temples in 3D format, and then use appropriate machines to get the perfect cut. AutoCad is generally used to design buildings

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