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Jan 03, 2014, 09:56 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Are you keen to learn the basics of filmmaking, but can't spare the time because of your schedule? You might want to sign up for a Sundays-only course conducted by National Award-winning filmmaker, Rajashree

Did you harbour a dream of becoming a filmmaker, but ended up pursuing an entirely different profession? Or are you one of those who buried their dreams, while trying to realise more pressing responsibilities? Or do you like to broaden your experiences with learning how things are done in the film industry? There might be good news in store, for such readers, with a short-term filmmaking course that is held only on Sundays.

Rajashree (Second from right) conducting a class
Rajashree (Second from right) conducting a class

Why is it cool?
Award-winning filmmaker and writer Rajashree is offering a Sundays-only short-term course on film direction and TV production. Currently in its fourth year, the course is designed to teach everything one needs to know to direct a film or TV show — from production, script writing to cinematography and post-production.

Rajashree says that the course is conducted over four months, and designed in such a way that it works for everyone. “This programme is open to all irrespective of their age, experience, and / or background. So, I have worked out the syllabus in such a way that all the basics are covered, and at the same time everyone understands it,” she says. So, the batch has a retired postmaster, an MBA graduate, a chartered accountant and an 11-year-old studying under the same roof in the same class. “What binds them together is their love for cinema and direction. It’s amazing to see so many different people with different level of intelligence, likes and dislikes studying, and interacting with each other in the same class,” she adds.

The filmmaker, in her late 30s, is a published author (Trust Me) and won the National Award for Best Short Film (The Rebel). Her short film, The Connection, on religious riots, also earned her rave reviews from critics.

What’s in it?
The course covers the basics of cinematography and editing, but more from a director’s point of view. “A director need not be a great cinematographer or editor, as he can hire some one to do it, but what he needs to know is the basics of it. This is what the course focuses on — a director’s point of view,” she says. The course also includes basics like understanding different lenses, importance of pacing while editing, and background sounds. “The idea is to help one understand how a film is made, and at the same time direct one,” she adds.

At: Near Andheri Railway Station.
Fee: Rs 24,900
Call: 9769449556
Last date for Registration January 4
e-mail: rajashree.in@gmail.com

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