Gadget review: Blast your music on these speakers

Mar 02, 2015, 08:06 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Priced at nearly 16K, Creative's latest wireless speaker, the SoundBlaster Roar is worth buying

Creative has always impressed us with its products. Not just in terms of performance, but also with its innovative design and styling. Now, with its new portable wireless speaker, SoundBlaster Roar, the audio equipment manufacturer has taken that audio several notches higher, by offering what could possibly be described as the big daddy of all portable wireless speakers.

The SoundBlaster Roar is Creative's most ambitious wireless speaker so far, packing a handful of features into one device
The SoundBlaster Roar is Creative's most ambitious wireless speaker so far, packing a handful of features into one device 

What we liked?
Everything in the Roar is built to amaze. From the silicon rubber finish on the back to its aesthetically pleasing controls, and the metallic finish on the front and sides, this one is definitely a looker. It doesn't fail to amaze with its performance either. The device gets one 2.5-inch driver on top, two 1.5-inch drivers in the front and two passive radiators, overall creating a fairly balanced sound.

Even though we played it on full volume (on both the Roar as well as the playing device), we didn't hear the slightest noise in the sound. The bass, however, was a bit disappointing. As far as control goes, the Roar has tiny but very useful switches in the back: one that allows you to stop, pause, play as well as record.

There is also a switch to increase the bass, called the Tera Bass mode, a useful addition for movie nights. On the top, there are controls for volume, hands-free, a pairing button and a very useful Roar button that sets the volume to maximum instantly.


Connectivity is possible via 3.5mm aux-in, Bluetooth as well NFC. However, the Bluetooth version is still 3.0. The Roar can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time — so you can link it with your tablet as well as smart phone at the same time. The connectivity is further expanded by its multiple connectivity modes
(controlled by an easy-to-use switch at the back) which can be used to restrict the connectivity to two already paired devices, a set of devices or set it open to anyone in its 10 meters Bluetooth range.

The device also comes with a MicroSD card slot (upto 32GB), and can play WAV (16 bit 46kHz PCM), and MP3 and WMA (up to 320kbps). No support for WMA Pro or lossless, though. The in-built mic picks up good quality sound, even from a distance, thus making it an ideal choice for conference calls. Moreover, you can also use it to record voice calls or music directly into the MicroSD card.

The device not only supports USB charging via a mini USB port at the back, but there is also a separate adapter that comes with the device. The 6,000mAH battery lasts for nearly eight hours as stated by Creative; however, it leaves you wanting more. It also offers a USB port that allows you to use the battery to charge a smartphone.

What we didn't like
Weighing around 1.1 kg, the Roar is not portable, and is heavier than most other portable speakers from
Creative. Besides, we feel an eight hour playtime is comparatively less for a speaker this size. Apart from these niggles, the SoundBlaster Roar is a robust buy.

It's Creative's most ambitious wireless speaker till date. The sound is the most balanced we have seen in any portable speaker from the company, and the premium metallic finish just adds to its appeal.

Price Rs 15,999
Available on

Size: 57 x 202 x 115 mm
Weight: 1.10kg
Drivers: 5 (1x2.5-inch, 2x1.5-inch and 2
Storage: upto 32 GB
Battery: 6,000 mAH , can charge smartphones too
ConnectiVity: Bluetooth 3.0, NFC and 3.5mm aux-in
Price: Rs 15,999

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